The Westmoreland County office of Virginia Cooperative Extension is your local connection to Virginia's land-grant universities, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University. Through educational programs based on research and developed with input from local stakeholders, we help the people of Westmoreland County improve their lives. We provide education through programs in Agriculture and Natural Resources, Family and Consumer Sciences, 4-H Youth Development, and Community Viability.

 2020 Westmoreland County VCE Annual Report

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Our agents and staff are commited to meeting the needs of our community. Please reach out to us by phone, email or on our Facebook page.



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Register Now to Participate in 4-H Fall Ag Bag!

4-H Fall Ag Bag is a self-paced, do-at-home camp now taking registrations! Join youth ages 9-13 for a month of 4-H learning adventures designed to bring you a little closer to your Thanksgiving dinner.  This program runs from Nov 1-30.

This November, you’ll get to taste test apples, make a cranberry raft, study mushroom spores and see how so many fall foods are produced commercially.  An agriculture adventure awaits with surprises and supplies. This camp was developed by Virginia Cooperative Extension and costs  $5 per first child and $3 for each additional sibling.  Financial aid is available. Spaces are limited.  

To register, please complete the registration form online at:  You must then submit your payment. Payment can be mailed in or dropped off at the Westmoreland Office or in the Extension dropbox at the A.T. Johnson Building.  Participants are only considered to be registered once the completed registration form and payment is received.  

Registered participants will pick up Fall Ag Bags at the Extension Office at a date/time specified by Extension staff. Many supplies are provided.  You will receive a list of supplies that you will need to gather up yourself. 


Drinking Water Clinic

Do you have a well or spring?

Do you wonder if your water is safe to drink?

The water testing used in our program includes bacteria, lead, arsenic, and 11 other contaminants that may cause health problems or make your water taste or smell bad.

How much does it cost? $60 per sample kit.

Financial assistance is available to families with school-aged children and to anyone with a need

Testing includes: bacteria, lead, copper, arsenic, iron, manganese, pH, hardness, sodium, sulfate, fluoride, and nitrate.The Virginia Household Water Quality program offers affordable water testing and education to improve the water quality and health of Virginians who rely on wells and springs.


       Date and Time


Pick up sample kit and receive directions to collect samples    October 5



Drive Thru at the AT Johnson Building

18849 Kings Hwy, Montross, VA 22520

Drop off samples  October 6  

           7am- 10am

Drive Thru at the AT Johnson Building

Interpretation Meeting

(results will be available in-person or by mail/email)          November 18

       In-person: 1pm

       Zoom: 6:30pm

In-person: AT Johnson Building,

Zoom: link will be provided prior to meeting


COVID-19 Vaccination for Farmers and Other Essential Ag Workers

If you are a part of the food supply structure/food and agriculture worker (farmer) you are eligible as a part of Group 1b to receive a Covid-19 vaccine. 

1.    Go to to sign up

2.    Call 1-877-VAXX-IN-VA 7 days a week, 8am-8pm    

Expect major delays in receiving an appointment as there is a shortage of vaccines and a very large population that is eligible to receive the vaccine in our health district.

If you are 75 years or older, contact your primary care provider for information on vaccination.

Before you receive the vaccine, learn more about the vaccines being offered. You can view a detailed video about the vaccines here:  If you have limited or no internet access, please contact your local Extension Office at 804-493-8924 to request a CD version of this video.  

More information regarding the vaccination schedule, eligibility, and status of COVID19, can be found at the Three Rivers Health District webpage:

The Virginia Department of Health has updates about which phase they are currently in and more vaccine info here:  For more FAQs from the Virginia Department of Health, visit

There is a lot of information out there so please make sure you are getting your information from a credible source.


Northern Neck Master Gardener Shoreline Evaluation Program

Northern Neck Master Gardeners, working closely with partners at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and county governments, have built the Shoreline Evaluation Program.  The program is an educational outreach effort that has provided hundreds of property owners with recommendations for improving upland stormwater management, pollutant and sediment runoff, and shoreline erosion.

Taking care of a shoreline presents a unique set of challenges not faced by property owners inland. Shorelines are dynamic and can be affected by the features of the nearby landscape such as areas of pavement and even invasive species. Without careful planning and maintenance, shorelines can erode, which poses a potential threat to inland properties and structures.

Through the Shoreline Evaluation Program, Northern Neck Master Gardeners are helping property owners cope with these problems by providing personalized property reports and community outreach on healthy shorelines.

Read more about the Shoreline Evaluation Program here.


Westmoreland County Virginia Cooperative Extension

Our agents and staff are commited to meet the needs of our community. There are resources posted on the Virginia Cooperative Extension website and our unit webpages. We also post information and educational programming to our Facebook pages. Please feel free to regularly visit and “like” these pages.

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Emergency Preparedness

Please visit Virginia Cooperative Extension's Emergency Preparedness website for information and resources to help be prepared for an emergency


Hurricane season has begun, are you prepared?  

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Mosquito Briquettes

Mosquitoes occur throughout Virginia and are both a nuisance, as well as a potential disease carrier.  Eliminating potential mosquito breeding habitats around the home landscape is a critical part of a mosquito control program.  Check out VCE’s mosquito publication:

In addition, Altosid XR mosquito control briquettes are available for Westmoreland County residents at no charge.  Altosid XR ( is an insecticide that works by preventing the emergence of adult mosquitoes and is used in potential mosquito breeding habitats, such as roadside ditches and other standing water.  The briquettes are slow release providing control for up to 150 days.  Visit the Extension Office at the AT Johnson Building to pick up the briquettes.  Briquettes are available based on the amount of standing water present with a limit of 5 per household.


Wildlife Conflict Hotline

The Virginia Wildlife Conflict Helpline, run by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF), is a resource for resolving human-wildlife conflicts.  It is a collaborative effort between the VDGIF and U.S. Department of Agriculture – Wildlife Services to address human-wildlife interactions by sharing science-based wildlife information.  The helpline is available toll-free at (855)571-9003, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

Virginia Food Access Network (VFAN)

The Virginia Food Access Network (VFAN) accelerates efforts, connects partners, and shares resources to solve child hunger in Virginia and create nutritious food access for all Virginians.

Were you a 4-H member? Did you attend 4-H camp? Or maybe you were a 4-H volunteer? Identify as a 4-H alum, and represent your 4-H state:

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