Northern Neck Crops Conference

The Northern Neck Crops Conference is the premier event for grain farmers in the region featuring important production updates from Extension specialists and industry representatives. 

Private Pesticide Certification Review & Exam

All farmers buying or using restricted-use pesticides must carry certification by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (unless under the direct supervision of a certified applicator). In order to become a certified private applicator, individuals need to pass a competency exam based on the Virginia core manual, “Applying Pesticides Correctly”.

review for the private pesticide exam will be held in February. The review will last approximately one hour and will be followed by the opportunity to take the exam.

Farmers’ Market Scale Certifications

Virginia Cooperative Extension and the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) host a Farmers’ Market Scale Certification in late February or March at the Extension Office in Westmoreland County. Farmers may bring produce scales used at farmers’ markets or roadside stands to be certified for use by VDACS.  

Small Grain Field Day

The Virginia Small Grains Field Day will be held at the Eastern Virginia AREC in Warsaw during even-numbered years and at another location in the Commonwealth during odd-numbered years. Agenda includes field plot tours of wheat and barley, as well as updates from Extension Specialists. For more information, visit the Virginia Grain Producers Association website:

Ag Expo

The VA Ag Expo is the largest agricultural field day held in the Commonwealth of Virginia annually. Over 140 exhibitors and sponsors have on display all of the most up to date equipment, goods and services for all agricultural producers and property owners no matter how large or small.  Field tours include current research updates by Extension Specialists.

The Virginia Ag Expo is a joint project of the Virginia Grains Producers Association, the Virginia Soybean Association and Virginia Cooperative Extension.

4-H Pizza Camp

The Westmoreland County office of Virginia Cooperative Extension offers a day-camp style educational program called “4-H Pizza Camp” in the summer. The camp focuses on agriculture, food safety and healthy living with goals that participants will recognize where their food comes from and for participants to be more conscious of healthy living choices. Activities supporting that goal include farm visits, tomato canning and learning about the benefits of good nutrition and physical activity. Participants will use the knowledge and skills from the class to make a pizza on the final day in celebration of the completion of camp!

Westmoreland Corn & Soybean Field Day

The Westmoreland Corn & Soybean Field Day showcases the Extension corn and soybean variety trials. Tours are followed by a private pesticide recertification class.  

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

The Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day is held on a Saturday morning in the fall at the A.T. Johnson Building. The Collection is coordinated by the Northern Neck Soil and Water Conservation District (NNSWCD) and Virginia Cooperative Extension, with funding provided by our local government. For the first 100 lbs of waste brought, there is no charge to county residents; over 100 lbs, a charge of $1.05/lb will apply. Acceptable items include: spent fluorescent bulbs, unwanted household pesticides, antifreeze, NiCad, NiMH and other rechargeable batteries, cleaners, non-latex paints/stains, old/contaminated fuels, household cleaners, and much more. Latex paint is disposable: simply open the lid, allow the paint to dry, and then dispose of the can in the trash.  

For more information regarding the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day, call the NNSWCD at 804-313-9102 x 104 or contact VCE Westmoreland at 493-8924.   

Private Pesticide Recertification Classes

Recertification opportunities are offered throughout the year in conjunction with many of the workshops offered through Extension. In addition, area Extension agents deliver recertification classes in November and December for applicators needing to recertify.  A class is held in November in Westmoreland County for recertification in categories 90 and 91.

Northern Neck Vegetable Growers Association Annual Meeting

The Northern Neck Vegetable Growers Association (NNVGA) Annual Meeting is held on the first or second Friday in December. The Annual Meeting is the premier event for vegetable growers in the region coordinated by the NNVGA and Virginia Cooperative Extension, featuring important vegetable production updates from Extension specialists and industry representatives. All vegetable growers are invited to attend, regardless of their membership status with NNVGA.